October 18, 201910:00 AM
The Tangle, IOTA’s distributed ledger and protocol for the #IoT, can be applied in different industries and scenarios. Check out our use cases and learn more about #IOTA: https://t.co/5Z2p23tSTk https://t.co/cW9Uqnbtur
October 17, 201904:47 PM
We've made a feedback form for the #IOTA documentation portal. Your opinion is important to us, so please fill it in! We will use this feedback to make improvements to help you get the most out of our technology. https://t.co/NmN3mqPhkw
October 17, 201903:39 PM
October Dev Update: read about the progress on IOTA-Bee, #Qubic, IRI, Entangled, #Trinity and #Chronicle:
Don’t forget to join us on Discord to engage with the #IOTA Dev team: https://t.co/qcEar34NT7
October 16, 201904:31 PM
The first #IOTA hands-on MeetUp in #Munich was a success! 12 presentations. More than 150 participants. Watch the video with the highlights of the event: https://t.co/e7T9tbd3WN
@einfachIOTA #IOTACommunity
October 16, 201902:00 PM
How to transform Smart Cities into #MachineEconomies? #IOTA's cofounder @domschiener will explain how, together with FIWARE, we will build the technology foundation for a smart and trusted future! Oct 23|24 at #FIWARESummit in #Berlin. Join us: https://t.co/a8OFqXUHJa
@FIWARE https://t.co/N7m6RcY02j
October 16, 201911:01 AM
Next week, join Lewis Freiberg, our Director of Ecosystem, to learn how to build an ecosystem around #IoT focused distributed ledgers. Oct 22 at #EclipseCon Europe in #Germany. All details at https://t.co/aYeDglbpbX
#IOTA #MachineMoney @EclipseFdn @LewisFreiberg https://t.co/p61KffWUwF
October 15, 201904:00 PM
The one command line private Tangle test network is now available on the AWS Marketplace! Launch a private test Tangle directly with AWS: https://t.co/RGWXXmaGew
#IOTA #AWS https://t.co/QxQT8eFavp
October 15, 201902:00 PM
It's tomorrow! IOTA and the community will discuss #Python for IoT, I3, #IOTA, and Data Science. 7PM PDT in #LosAngeles. Register here: https://t.co/E4fQzrc9es
October 14, 201904:02 PM
Holger Köther, our Director of Partnerships, will explain how #blockchain and DLT can help businesses at Main Summit in #Germany. Oct 16 at 5PM CEST. All details at https://t.co/60vXo2sTza
#IOTA @HolgerKoether https://t.co/3g1HIE6KzB
October 14, 201901:18 PM
IOTA Newsletter #15: Chronicle Permanode Solution, Industry Marketplace & Linux Collaboration are some of the exciting news! Check out everything that happened in September at https://t.co/H9a0WzIE0v
#IOTA #IOTANewsletter
October 11, 201903:46 PM
Coordicide Update – We are excited to share the source code of our redesigned autopeering module! This will be used in simulations and is a key building block for our #GoShimmer Testnet.
#IOTA #Coordicide
October 11, 201906:39 AM
Sign up for #IOTA's newsletter to see what we've been working on and get the latest updates delivered to your inbox: https://t.co/saWnlefAdZ https://t.co/8ZXa31BI7r
October 10, 201907:34 PM
IOTA co-founder @DomSchiener discusses the regulatory questions surrounding Facebook's #Libra and how #IOTA is doing things differently on @cheddar Closing Bell
October 10, 201903:55 PM
IOTA has implemented many initiatives to improve global #supplychain. Jens Munch, our Head of Global Trade & Supply Chain, is now at #WTOPublicForum in Geneva to discuss how to enable digital borders and supply chain. More details at https://t.co/TTkK5tEwj2
October 10, 201910:00 AM
Join #IOTA next week at #Diffusion2019: the dev conf about converging DLT, IoT & AI. Philipp Blum, our developer advocate, will be one of the mentors! Oct 19-20 in #Berlin. Details at https://t.co/QTueT37Pw1
@OVioHQ @antonionardella @HolgerKoether @Citrullin https://t.co/ZwUpvvpoWY

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