January 23, 202012:29 PM
The FPC voting is the basis of the consensus mechanism that brings security in the post Coordinator #Tangle. Our team developed an optional protocol for the detection of berserk adversaries aiming to improve the security of the protocol. https://t.co/owgjjQGzgy
#IOTA ...
January 22, 202006:13 PM
Getting started: the Road to Integration Part 1. We explain with a simple model when and why organizations should integrate the #IOTA protocol in their #DLT or #blockchain solutions. https://t.co/nhh8UQa6TQ
January 22, 202005:02 PM
Fabrizio Rovati from @ST_World discusses the collaboration with #IOTA to bridge the gap between #IoT and #DLT in the new #Untangled episode. https://t.co/KbtyYytpok
January 20, 202005:39 PM
Welcome Sebastian Müller to the #IOTA Foundation
January 20, 202001:42 PM
Releasing the update of the #Coordicide Whitepaper. We are pleased to demonstrate substantial progress in terms of validation of our work in this updated document - the core components remain unchanged. https://t.co/EYLByeSNiz
January 17, 202001:00 PM
The Unified Identity Protocol is a #DigitalIdentity implementation built on the #Tangle. An introduction to the subject & an explanation of why things, organizations and people should use a shared layer of trust can be found in our #whitepaper at ...
January 16, 202005:49 PM
Releasing the January Dev Update with the latest news on #IOTA's key projects. Our engineering team is back after the holidays and we’re going full steam ahead towards implementing upgrades that will be visible both pre and post-#Coordicide. https://t.co/UP4bLB3OIC
January 15, 202012:31 PM
Integrate the #Hyperledger Fabric with the #IOTA Tangle. Learn about this internal bridge and how to integrate the IOTA Connectors at https://t.co/UqKmDWKE2Z
@Hyperledger https://t.co/bTC3lURxoX
January 14, 202011:19 AM
The #IndustryMarketplace hackathon is a great opportunity for you to envision how a car, a drone, or an autonomous machine will interact in the future across vendors. Take the chance to change the world & register at https://t.co/Izi3mVH4V3
#IOTA @eClassStandard ...
January 13, 202006:02 PM
We are hiring our first employee in #Japan! If you are excited about the challenge of bringing #DLT and #IoT to life and want to work with one of the leading teams tackling this challenge, please apply at https://t.co/J1WVom93Xy
#IOTAJobs ...
January 13, 202002:22 PM
RT @ST_World: X-CUBE-IOTA1 helps developers take advantage of #IOTA on #STM32 MCUs to drive #IoT innovations with the first open-source dis…
January 10, 202004:34 PM
The first Research Status Update of 2020 is available! Check the latest news about #Coordicide, including the Berlin Summit, the Coordicide Whitepaper & the updates from our Research Groups at https://t.co/iV0CKMxCVZ
#IOTA https://t.co/m6rau9TsES
January 9, 202004:42 PM
RT @Utoday_en: 🔥 @DavidSonstebo told https://t.co/jsqU2ZIkVi about @iotatoken upgrades, future plans, and Tangle’s advantages compared to c…
January 9, 202011:10 AM
Distributed Ledger Technologies will play a crucial role in the future of #IoT where machines are able to trust and transact with each other. Read how DLTs and #IOTA are reshaping enterprise trust @IoTWorldToday with @richardsoley & @defshepherd. />#ProjectAlvarium https://t.co/w62JM4h2GL
January 8, 202011:02 AM
IOTA's 2020 Interactive #Roadmap shows the key milestones in Research and Development for this year. Explore our initiatives to achieve technological maturity & enable the true #MachineEconomy at https://t.co/4Kq4kmWG83
#IOTA https://t.co/FXNxAzptDh

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