September 23, 201910:30 AM
"The #digitalID used at the #IndustryMarketplace – and powered by #IOTA - may seem futuristic to some, but it solves a real problem for the industry, by providing globally unique IDs”, says Jörg Nagel from @NeoceptionDE.
September 21, 201904:33 PM
RT @PepperlFuchs: #IOTA foundation launches the world’s first autonomous and decentralized marketplace! @NeoceptionDE and @PepperlFuchs are…
September 20, 201903:29 PM
We just released Trinity Desktop 1.1.0. This new version brings a selection of stability fixes, node basic auth, specific node for proof of work, and more. Download it here:
#IOTA #Trinitywallet
September 20, 201901:53 PM
The #IndustryMarketplace is the turning point for #Industry40 and brings us one step closer to a fully autonomous and decentralized #MachineEconomy. Learn more about the platform & its architecture.
Participate now at
September 20, 201908:47 AM
“The #IndustryMarketplace is designed to solve the current issues around creating a common standard language for autonomous #M2M communication,” says Thorsten Kroke, Head of Digital Processes & Standards, eCl@ss.
@eClassStandard #IOTA #Industry40
September 19, 201904:00 PM
Want to know more about how the #IndustryMarketplace will automate the trade of physical and digital goods & services?
#IOTA #Industry40
September 19, 201902:15 PM
Read how the #IndustryMarketplace is paving the way for community and businesses to securely automate trade in the manufacturing sector.
#IOTA #M2M #DigitalTransformation
September 19, 201902:00 PM
Industry Marketplace: The world's 1st autonomous, decentralized marketplace for #Industry40, developed by #IOTA & leading innovators. Learn more and participate at
@eClassStandard @OVGUpresse @HSUHamburg @NeoceptionDE @WeWash_GmbH
September 19, 201911:03 AM
Our Head of Financial Relations, @DanSimerman, will be representing #IOTA at @Coinventionio in Philadelphia! He will join as a panelist and guest presenter to discuss Feeless #Protocols, Wall Street, and The State of Digital Assets.
September 18, 201908:37 PM
Welcome Daniel Elsawey to #IOTA Foundation Advisory Board!
#IOTAAdvisoryBoard #fintech
September 18, 201902:47 PM
September Dev Update: Check the progress on our key projects - #IOTA-Bee, #Qubic, IRI, Entangled, #Trinity and #Chronicle:

Join us on Discord to engage with the IOTA dev team:
September 17, 201906:06 PM
It's finally here! Introducing IOTA Chronicle, our Permanode Solution. Node owners can now easily store all #IOTA transactions in a fast, secure, scalable and distributed database. Learn more about this new #permanode solution here:
September 17, 201905:05 PM
IOTA Newsletter #14 is out! This month we cover #SmartCity demonstration at Powerhouse, #ESP32 wallet, #Consensus in the Tangle, and more. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the latest news!
September 17, 201903:31 PM
RT @smartcityc: Three Ways the World is Changing - Here’s a hint: it starts with your city. #smartcity…

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