October 17, 201812:05 PM
RT @carpclash: I am just amazed by how @iotatoken is getting stronger in Latin America. This Saturday 20th @IOTAlatino will have its first…
October 16, 201810:28 AM
RT @wilfriedpimenta: #IOTA to speak at Nordic Smart cities conference in Malmo, Sweden on the 22nd Oct 14.00. You'll hear about IOTA, https…
October 15, 201805:13 PM
Welcome S. D. Nelson to the IOTA Foundation


#IOTA #Tangle
October 15, 201801:35 PM
IOTA Tangle powers @i_am_pass Biometric Palm Vein Authentication For Digital Identity


#IOTA #Identity #Tangle
October 14, 201805:14 PM
A Proposal for Reusable Addresses [Part 3]


#IOTA #Tangle
October 13, 201801:23 PM
A Proposal for Reusable Addresses [Part 2]


#IOTA #Tangle
October 12, 201801:35 PM
RT @kaipasing: Does #IOTA #tangle as #DLT Technology solve these questions as so-called #blockchain 2.0 technology? Holger Köther from @iot…
October 12, 201812:38 PM
A Proposal for Reusable Addresses [Part1]


October 11, 201803:55 PM
Configuration improvements in IRI 1.5.5


October 10, 201802:29 PM
IOTA research department bi-weekly blog post:

Attack analysis - the simple parasite chain


#IOTA #Tangle
October 8, 201801:41 PM
RT @iota_dev: As IOTA Trinity Wallet continues to mature, the old wallet is now deprecated, so please make sure to switch over if you haven…
October 8, 201801:14 PM
Welcome Thibault Martinez to the IOTA Foundation


October 5, 201805:24 PM
Congratulations to the latest cohort of Ecosystem Development Fund grantees!


October 5, 201812:39 PM
Welcome Daniela Faustino to the IOTA Foundation


October 3, 201812:29 PM
Welcome Cara Harbor to the IOTA Foundation



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