January 23, 201804:45 PM
RT @IanAllison123: Blockchain 2.0: Exchanging value in the physical and digital world, continuously and simultaneously @CarstenStoecker @Di…
January 23, 201802:33 PM
RT @VentureBeat: Volkswagen’s chief digital officer joins IOTA supervisory board https://t.co/VG7XKZUd6G by @TheRealSJR
January 22, 201811:05 PM
NA's Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions @bosch_bcds will host an AMA regarding Tangle and their XDK on Thursday 25th


January 22, 201810:02 PM
The secret to security is secrecy


January 22, 201805:10 PM
Welcome Charlie Varley to the IOTA Foundation


January 21, 201804:52 PM
RT @JohannJungwirth: @DavidSonstebo & @DomSchiener I am looking forward to start serving on the Supervisory Board of the IOTA Foundation. G…
January 19, 201812:23 AM
RT @itic_sc: Exciting news for the new year ... https://t.co/nUAZzfbV13
January 19, 201812:05 AM
IOTA is excited to explore the potential role of IOTA in their national e-Currency/e-Crown initiative as one of the candidate solutions.


January 18, 201811:46 PM
Harm Van Den Brink will present #IOTA in smart grids and mobility at https://t.co/s2FHtkqmlD

#mobility #smartgrid
January 17, 201810:16 AM
IOTA's Max Minchenkov and Sergey Ivancheglo (@c___f___b) presenting IOTA in Russia https://t.co/UPM0OZcAQy
January 16, 201806:44 PM
January 16, 201812:25 PM
Our https://t.co/3zsgmFCkXY has grown to over 100 000 subscribed users. A milestone few projects in this space has reached. Congratulations to the community. #IOTA https://t.co/jXJWzLkzQM
January 15, 201807:07 PM
Welcome Andreas Mikolajewski to the IOTA Foundation


January 14, 201803:32 PM
First Russian IOTA Hackathon on the 17th of January


co-founder Sergey Ivancheglo (CfB) and IOTA Foundation member Max Minchenkov will be present


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