September 20, 201812:19 AM
RT @pryszkie: I'm excited to announce something I've been working on for a while: Chatangle Full Stack

It's a software package that allows…
September 19, 201803:12 PM
It's great to see IOTA organically growing around the globe
September 19, 201802:46 PM
@Gabriela_Jca The IOTA Foundation appreciates your devotion! The developments in Argentina that you guys are responsibly for is terrific.
September 19, 201802:45 PM
RT @Gabriela_Jca: Big THANKS 🙏to the IOTA Foundation @iotatoken, for supporting projects like #TanglePatagonia. We are very excited! Finall…
September 17, 201811:55 AM
RT @iota_dev: Global snapshot is now in progress, 10:00 UTC until 17:00. There will be no confirmations on the Mainnet during this period.…
September 14, 201801:05 PM
Bi-weekly Research Department blogpost: Resource Tests in Qubic

#IOTA #Qubic
September 10, 201812:07 AM
RT @Sasch088: The first IOTA Hamburg Meetup was a full success! Thank you all for coming! #IOTA #IOTAstrong @micro_hash @sn_3rd @JanineHärt…
September 8, 201812:39 AM
RT @iota_dev: Rihards explains why some nodes only worked with Trinity Mobile, but not Desktop, and how to fix it. Plus Trinity website upd…
September 6, 201807:07 AM
ENGIE Lab CRIGEN and the IOTA Foundation to drive DLT innovation in the smart energy ecosystem

September 5, 201804:59 PM
RT @juliemaupin: Proud to represent the IOTA Foundation at the OECD today. Wonderful to see them putting their leadership weight behind fig…
September 5, 201809:22 AM
Welcome Mark Nixon to the IOTA Foundation

September 4, 201809:12 AM
RT @mintbit_: Thanks to Harm van den Brink-@elaadNL, Charles Carter-@TSCatapult,@AlisaMaas-@iotatoken, #PorscheDigitalLabs,Oliver…" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">@XAIN_AG,#PorscheDigitalLabs,Oliver…
September 3, 201804:49 PM
Qubic monthly status update - September 3rd 2018

#IOTA #Qubic
September 3, 201802:11 PM
Great showcase from our Tech Analyst Jan Pauseback which demonstrates new business models using #IOTA, with some familiar tools
September 2, 201805:05 PM
Welcome Michele Nati to the IOTA Foundation


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