March 23, 201808:28 PM
IOTA NYC Meetup with John, our Ecosystem Fund manager and Clara, one of IOTA's main researchers.

March 21, 201803:18 PM
March 20, 201807:47 PM
Welcome Madjid Nakhjiri to the IOTA Foundation

March 20, 201804:08 PM
RT @kaipasing: #Fujitsu wird auf der @Hannover_messe #Industrie40 Lösungen vorstellen. #IOTA und der #Tangle spielen dabei eine große Rolle…
March 20, 201804:06 PM

"IOTA seems to be among the most interesting innovations with the greatest potential for change, at our Fujitsu booth at the Hannover Messe Industrie, we will also be showing a live demo of the IOTA technology." -Walter Graf Fujitsu ...
March 19, 201806:54 PM
RT @kaipasing: Dr. Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe #Fujitsu, presents #DLT use cases @wackerchemie today. #IOTA will help industry cust…
March 17, 201807:59 PM
Welcome Gur Huberman to the IOTA Foundation

#IOTA #Finance
March 16, 201803:14 PM
Welcome Alexey Sobolev to the IOTA Foundation

March 16, 201810:32 AM
RT @DomSchiener: I will be on the Markus Lanz show (@ZDFMarkusLanz) on the 20th to talk about #IOTA, Blockchain and Crypto Currencies. Will…
March 12, 201802:50 PM
Welcome Harm van den Brink to the IOTA Foundation

March 12, 201811:34 AM
Latest revision of the Tangle Equilibria paper
March 10, 201810:28 PM
RT @SahraBrean: "As people, we care about connecting, desintermediation is more about human rights "; @juliemaupin from @iotatoken. An inc…
March 9, 201811:39 PM
The most underrated IOTA series on youtube
March 9, 201810:25 PM
RT @NickBeglinger: Together with #IoT & #AI, #distributed ledgers (#DLT, '#Blockchain') will drive the 4th wave of #innovation towards a mo…
March 9, 201805:56 PM
Welcome Ralf Rottmann to the IOTA Foundation


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