May 27, 201705:05 PM
RT @Mandelliant: Just had a great call with @DavidSonstebo from @iotatoken - keep your eye on this one, folks, and expect big things. #bloc…
May 27, 201704:24 AM
@lightcoin @BlueDavid @RSKsmart No. IOTA isn't even a blockchain. The "sidechain will resolve all problems in the universe" argument need to end.
May 26, 201709:43 AM
RT @CarstenStoecker: I am also planning to include the IOTA DAG Tangle into our R&D and testing work for EV charging in the next weeks @iot…
May 26, 201709:43 AM
RT @CarstenStoecker: Next week we are defining next steps to include IOTA DAG Tangle into our #digitaltwin & #CarPass to start testing the…
May 26, 201709:13 AM
IOTA Learn addition: Storing MQTT messages on the Tangle
May 25, 201707:50 PM
@radixdlt BCNext agrees to do that. BTW, he still keeps that hat he didn't have to eat.

Beyond that, it is nonsense to compare reality vs hypothesis
May 25, 201707:42 PM
@radixdlt In other words you are astroturfing charts and comparing unsubstantiated claims to real technology that actually exists? Ok
May 25, 201707:36 PM
@radixdlt Oh, I see. Please link me to your whitepaper and software that I can *verify* 500K TPS on Radix. Thanks
May 25, 201707:22 PM
@radixdlt So you guys just make up shit? Show me the formal proofs of IOTA's limitation being 700, this is entirely made up.
May 25, 201707:45 AM
Congratulations to IOTA's own Dr. Navin Ramachandran on joining @UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies @uclcbt
May 23, 201701:49 PM
Preorder the first official IOTA t-shirt here:
May 23, 201707:47 AM
May 22, 201706:47 PM
IOTA is proud to be part of Decentralized Identity Foundation
May 22, 201701:01 PM
May 21, 201706:35 PM
IOTA is going to unveil partnerships, use cases and participate in the IoT panel at Consensus #consensus2017 />
May 21, 201709:50 AM
IOTA Foundation visits IRT SystemX's IoT Cybersecurity lab and explore Tangle potential @wilfriedpimenta @nabilbouzerna @irtsystemx #iota
May 18, 201708:42 PM
We just reached 3000 members in our Slack!
Join the rapidly growing IOTA community at
May 18, 201708:10 PM
RT @Cointelegraph: Internet of Things and #Blockchain Technology: How Does It Work?
May 17, 201701:15 PM
RT @CIOonline: IOTA launches $2 million fund for IoT-focused blockchain derivative
May 15, 201706:47 PM
RT @WECouncil: Innovation Ecosystems will be key to make decentralised platforms successful as no single player can revolutionise systems a…
May 13, 201704:59 PM
@nivertech @jamie247 @udiWertheimer Could you elaborate on what you mean by 'logically centralized'? Java is not meant for IoT devices, we are doing C++, C and Rust for this
May 12, 201703:18 PM
IOTA will be at Accenture Open Talks presenting on the future of distributed ledger technology on May 30th
May 11, 201711:55 PM
IOTA will present at the @KPMG FinTech event in Germany, Berlin on May 31
May 11, 201704:29 PM
RT @DomSchiener: Stay tuned to learn more about our POC's that solves exactly these type of issues in medical & production facilities https…
May 9, 201711:04 PM
IOTA's community is growing exponentially. Join our Slack at
May 8, 201708:57 PM
IOTA New testnet release and bug bounties
May 8, 201708:56 PM
May 8, 201706:06 PM
RT @techUK: Next up Dr Navin Ramachandran health specialist at the IOTA foundation @iotatoken
May 6, 201707:40 PM
Meet IOTA Graphic Designer Sabri Goldberg

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